The Flaming Lips1985-08-05San Francisco, CAI-Beam
The Flaming Lips1985-12-23San Francisco, CAI-Beam
The Flaming Lips1986 - 1996"Fearless Freaks"
The Flaming Lips1993-10-08San Francisco, CAThe Kennel Club
The Flaming Lips1994 - 1995"Sweet Jesus... It's The Lord Of Love Noise"
The Flaming Lips1994-02-19Chicago, ILThurston's
The Flaming Lips1994-08-26Reading, EnglandReading Festival
The Flaming Lips1996-04-29Chicago, ILThe Double Door
The Flaming Lips1996-04-30Chicago, ILThe Double Door
The Flaming Lips1996-05-15San Francisco, CASlim's
The Flaming Lips2001-xx-xx"The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest"