Concrete Blonde
Unknown Venue (any ideas?)
Melbourne, Australia
March 2, 1988

Source: Soundboard

Lineage: SBD > ? > Trade CDR > EAC (Secure) > TLH (FLAC 6) > FLAC

Sound Quality: B
- fades/cuts between tracks, hiss, no songs appear significantly cut
- quality varies a bit from track to track, sometimes better, sometimes worse
- i kind of wonder if this isn't cobbled together from more than one show

Show Quality: A
- wish it were longer, I believe they were an opener for Wall of Voodoo

This is such an enjoyable listen the flaws melt away! Lots of covers.
Johnette's voice sounds great on this. If you like Concrete Blonde you'll
like this a lot. Just don't go in expecting a pristine soundboard. It's not.


01. Words$ (2:32)
02. Your Haunted Head (4:27)
03. Dance Along The Edge (4:58)
04. Castles Made Of Sand^ (3:54)
05. Little Conversations (3:25)
06. Femme Fatale* (3:16)
07. Run Run Run (3:37)
08. Still In Hollywood (5:28)
09. The Medicine Show# (5:50)

Total: 37:26

$ Bee Gees
^ Jimi Hendrix
* Velvet Underground (March 2 is Lou Reed's birthday)
# Dream Syndicate

- Received in trade as Audio CDR (thank you Chris K)
- Extracted using EAC in secure mode, logs included
- some fading/cuts between tracks, no songs really interrupted tho
- EAC Spectral View and Frequency Analysis for track 1 included, not lossy
- March 2 date confirmed by discussion of Lou Reed's birthday

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Not sure if this has been on Dime before. Didn't see in Bot. I don't believe any
of this has ever been officially released. I'm very surprised this hasn't
been on Dime before. Maybe I'm missing it in the bot.

Any info on venue appreciated. I haven't been able to track that down.
One reference online suggested they played three nights in Melbourne.
If that's true this might be cobbled from more than one date.

I believe CB was on tour opening for Wall of Voodoo in Australia in 1988.
The WoV live album "The Ugly Americans in Australia" was recorded at
least partially in Melbourne apparently. I haven't been able to
track down specific info on when/where in Australia that album was recorded to

Any further info or upgrades greatly appreciated.

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