Concrete Blonde
The Tree Cafe
July 22, 1989

Master Audence Recording

Portland, ME the Night before the Video (1st of two nights) 20 songs
recording deck Sony Walkman Pro unsure of Mic's very good sound
but the crowd was kinda loud.

Total time 70:27

Set list:
1. Rose Grow
2. God is a Bullet
3. Your Haunted Head
4. Over Your Shoulder
5. Little Sister
6. It's Only Money
7. Scene of a Perfect Crime
8. Days and Days
9. Carry Me Away
10. Happy Birthday
11. True
12. Castles Made of Sand
13. Dance Along The Edge
14. Help Me
15. Run Run Run
16. Still in Hollywood
17. Jim Mankey Solo song unknown
18. Mercedes Benz
19. Little Conversations
20. Bargin