Concrete Blonde
The Palace
Hollywood, CA
Dec 1, 1989

Source: SBD

Lineage: SBD > ? > Trade CD-R > EAC (secure) > TLH > FLAC 6

Sound quality: A/A-
Show quality: A+

Last US gig of tour supporting "Free". Seems a bit short to be complete
show. Maybe it was recorded for radio or something.


1. Bloodletting
2. God Is A Bullet
3. Little Sister
4. Cold Part Of Town
5. It's Only Money*
6. Scene Of A Perfect Crime
7. Haunted Head
8. Days And Days
9. Happy Birthday
10. Carry Me Away
11. True
12. Castles Made Of Sand^
13. Tug Of War (cuts in slightly)
14. Help Me
15. Run Run Run
16. Still In Hollywood

Total: 55:15

*Thin Lizzy
^Jimi Hendrix

- Audio CD-R received in trade (thanks Chris K)
- extracted with EAC in secure mode, logs included
- frequency analysis included
- seems short to be complete
- some cuts/fades between songs

Appears to have been on dime in 2005. Maybe not since.

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Title: Concrete Blonde at the Palace, Hollywood CA 12-1-89 SBD
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