Concrete Blonde with Andy Prieboy
Triple J Radio
November 1, 1990
Sydney, Australia

Lineage: FM > master cassette > usb cable > Audacity (record + split files) > FLAC level 8 > You


01 - Little Conversations
02 - (You're the Only One) Can Make Me Cry
03 - Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas (Wall of Voodoo)
04 - Studio Talk
05 - I Don't Need a Hero
06 - Tomorrow, Wendy
07 - Crazy, Crazy Melbourne (Wall of Voodoo)
08 - Carry Me Away
09 - Studio Talk
10 - Castles Made of Sand

Concrete Blonde is: Johnette Napolitano, Jim Mankey, Paul Thompson

The recording is quite clear, but the tape wobbles from time to time. I have not attempted to fix this, as it is way beyond my abilities.

The performance is great, a lot of fun talk between Johnette and Andy, a couple of Wall of Voodoo songs and Jimi's Castles Made of Sands... all acoustic. You could not ask for more!

taped by pumped
seeded on Dime on December 2012 by albi04