Walking in Zurich, 1992

01. Why Don't You See Me
02. Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man
03. Sometimes
04. Long Time Ago
05. Joey
06. Days And Days
07. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
08. Walking In London
09. God Is A Bullet
10. Run Run Run
11. Everybody Knows
12. Little Conversation
13. True
14. Castle Made Of Sand
15. Still In Hollywood
16. Roses Grow
17. Tomorrow Wendy

Full concert, approx. 74 mins

Recording Info:
recorded by chiliholger's parents
DRS3 FM (1992) > Tape (1992) > Soundblaster 16 (1997) > Audacity (1997) > CD (1997) > Flac (2012) > Tracker

This is one of my favourite concert recordings! It's really a gem and I want to share it with you, finally.

Even if you're not a Concrete Blonde fan, you should check this out and get into the music of one of the most underrated bands in the world.

I attended the concert but I lost the ticket and I can't remember the date and the venue. It was in Z├╝rich and it was summer (June?) in 1992 during the 'Walking in London'.
On the way to the concert I was listening to DRS3 radio in Switzerland where they announced the broadcasting of the full concert. I stopped at a filling station and I called my parents (no cell phones in 1992!) in order to have the concert recorded. They made a perfect job (even they were not into the music at all). They even recorded the opening band...

There are two tape flips (very short) and some DRS3 jingles.

Concrete Blonde, especially Johnette, was in a perfect mood. Lots of jokes and laughter. And the radio sound is just perfect.
If someone has more information about date and venue, please share it with me.

Please support the Swiss radio DRS3 and don't forget to support the artist by buying the official releases, going to their shows and buying their shirts :-)
Thanks to albi04 who encouraged me to get this on Dime.