Concrete Blonde

October 14, 1993

Slim's, San Francisco

-This is the “secret” show they did under there original name, “Dream 6”. The band came out under a black light wearing glow in the dark face paint for the first song. A good audience recording. It sounds like 2 different sources are on this. Starting at track #2 on disc #2 the sound improves. Not really sure if the very last song is from this show, but it was on the tape sent to me, so I’ll leave it.

Disc #1

1. Your Haunted Head
2. Bloodletting
3. Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man
4. –talking
5. Someday
6. –story about Dream 6
7. When You Smile
8. Jenny I Read
9. –thanks to the tapers
10. Long Time Ago
11. Days And Days
12. –johnette talking about her neighbor and Buck Naked being shot

God Is A Bullett-tape cut/flip at very end

13. continued

Disc #2

1. –talking
2. Mexican Moon
3. Tomorrow Wendy
4. Harry and Jim introductions
5. Eliminate this track please
6. Heal It Up
7. Walking In London
8. Cold Part Of Town
9. Run Run Run
10. Applause/talking
11. Castles Made Of Sand
12. Mercedes Benz