Counting Crows
August 4th, 2007
Victory Field
Indianapolis, IN

Taper: Mike Peters
Source: Giant Squid Audio Omni's -> iRiver iHP-120 @ 44.1 wav
Conversion: iRiver iHP-120 > Sony Sound Forge 9.0 (Slight EQ, Fades) > FLAC (Level 8)
Location: FOH (Mics @ ~ 8.5ft) approx 40 yds from center stage

Disc 1

d01t01 Introduction
d01t02 Washington Square &
d01t03 Have You Seen Me Lately
d01t04 Catapult
d01t05 Mr Jones
d01t06 Colorblind
d01t07 Mercury
d01t08 All My Friends
d01t09 Recovering The Satellites
d01t10 Ghost Town
d01t11 Hard Candy
d01t12 A Long December
d01t13 Hangin' Around

d01t14 Encore Break
d01t15 Meet On the Ledge &
d01t16 Holiday In Spain


& Fairport Convention Cover

-Due to the rainstorm that hit around mid-show the mics were lowered, covered and then raised again. There were some slight pops from the raindrops hitting the cover, but they were cleaned up nicely in Sound Forge.

-There is a significant difference in sound quality after "Meet On The Ledge" due to covering the mics even more due to heavy rain.

-Thanks to Counting Crows for supporing the free exchange of live music!

Compiled by Mike Peters on 8.6.2007