Counting Crows
Live from Bimbo's
CD Audio

Soundboard-->Amazon ASX Stream-->Rip to WAV-->Recorded to CD-->Flown
from California to Michigan-->Rip to WAV-->Adobe Audition (splitting
into multiple tracks, amplification)-->440mb SHN


This show was put on for "The World's Largest in-store concert" at
Bimbo's, a bay area hang out where they had the party for August and Everything After
10 years ago.

It's a very cool all-acoustic set, the sound quality is excellent, very storytellers sounding


01 Intro/Crowd Noise
02 Have you seen me lately
03 Adam Welcome's the people
04 Richard Manuel/If I could give all my Love
05 Mr. Jones
06 Adam's Goodnight Elizabeth story
07 Goodnight Elizabeth/Screw your xmas alts
08 Adam's Omaha story
09 Omaha
10 Angels of the silences
11 Intro to Friend of the Devil
12 Friend of the Devil
13 Big Yellow Taxi
14 American Girls
15 Rain King intro
16 Rain King/raining in Baltimore Alts
17 Goodnight LA intro
18 Goodnight LA
19 A Long December
20 Thanks and good bye
21 Adam's intro (not part of the set)

While there's essentially only 12 songs, I split it into 20 parts so that the
song intros and the crowd stuff wouldn't take too much away from a CD. This way,
it's easy to skip talking parts when you listen to the CD or if you're making a
compilation, you won't have to edit the audio yourself. Track 21 is a pre-video
thing that adam did saying how glad he is to do this, etc. I made it the last track
so that you wouldn't have to skip through it every time you play the CD. Enjoy :-)

*******Special thanks to my CloudKooKooLand friends:
Marsha, who did the cover art for the CD (it's actually VCD cover art, but it works just as well for this)
and Jessica who was able to rip the audio and send it to me. You guys rock, so so hard.

Also, the fine people at deserve a hand for making this available

If you have any questions, e-mail me at

-John Cruz
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