Counting Crows
Flying Demos

Source: Studio Soundboard-->CDR-->DB Power AMP-->WAV-->FLAC

This is a must have for any Counting Crows fan, all the demo tracks are studio quality.

Track list:

01-Rain King (91 Demos)
02-Omaha (91 Demos)
03-Anna Begins (91 Demos)
04-Einstein on the Beach (91 Demos)
05-Shallow days (91 Demos)
06-Love and Addiction (91 Demos)
07-Mr. Jones (91 Demos)
08-Round Here (91 Demos)
09-Forty Years (91 Demos)
10-Margery dreams of Horses (91 Demos)
11-Bulldog (92 Demos)
12-Lightning (91 Demos)
13-We’re only Love (91 Demos)
14-A Mona Lisa (92 Demos)
15-Counting Crows (92 Demos Later Titled A Murder of One)
16-Janie (Mod-L Society)**
17-Back to Baltimore (Mod-L Society)**
18-New Amsterdam (Adam’s Garage. Later re-named Mr. Jones)***

**Tracks from the Mod-L Society. Not part of the 1992 demos, but I threw it in as an added bonus
***The Adam's Garege recording of the song that became "Mr. Jones". Again, not part of the demos.