Cowboy Junkies
Scottish Rite Auditorium
Collingswood NJ

source : schoeps mk-4 > nbox > actives > edirol r-09 (24/44.1)
dsp-quattro x > MBIT+ (16/44.1) > xACT 1.64 > flac
4th row roc

A Common Disaster
Hold On To Me
Lay It Down
The/Confession of Georgie (new)
Black Eyed Man
Simon Keeper
Good Friday
Working On A Building
Angels In The Wilderness (new, Acoustic Mike and Margo)
Fairy Tale (new, Acoustic Mike and Margo)
Wild Child (Dedicated to Ed)
This Street, That Man, This Life
Just Want To See
I Don't Get It
Follower 2
State Trooper

notes: static can be heard on track 4 coming from the pa