Creedence Clearwater Revival

John Fogerty- vocals and guitar
Stu Cook- bass
Doug Clifford- drums

Boston Garden
Boston, Mass.
July 16, 1971
audience recording from low-gen. tape trade copy - speed corrected (Pitch intacted , pitch was ok to my ears) equipared speed to europe shows 71' (CD live in europe and LP, bonus tracks from 40th celebration cds) > TTH > FLAC(8)

1: born on the bayou
2: green river > Suzie Q
3: it came out of the sky
4: door to door
5: travelin' band
6: fortunate son > commotion
7: Lodi
8: bad moon rising
9: just a piece of Proud Mary (cuts in and out)
10: up around the bend
11: hey tonight
12: sweet hitchhiker
13: keep on chooglin' > Pagan baby

A decently listenable audience recording of the boys from the Bayou
in their final Boston Garden appearance (I believe).
athough likely from the same source recording offered in torrent #219344
from davmar77, this version does not come directly from his post and
it has some editing done to smooth out the rough edits between songs.
some of them were pretty abrupt but I think this one sounds alot smoother
than my raw copy of this sounded, since most of the songs now end with applause
instead of just jumping into the next song. I haven't heard davmar's post of this
(except the sound sample) but I suspect his doesn't have the edited cuts
patched as this one does (if not for that I probably couldn't post this
without it being canned as a "duplicate post").
the quality of them seems pretty comparable, and I only found out this
other post was still up just before I was about to post it (for a 37th
anniversary upload).
(although it's been a dead torrent for 5 days as of this post.)
I got this on a cassette copy many years ago and it sounds suprisingly decent
for the era and venue.

do not sell this recording.
Share freely and losslessly.

ORIGINAL SEED BY: glasnostrd19
JULY 2009

Work done by Guelfo in 2009