Crime & The City Solution
Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne

Broken Lands
The Jazz Song
Fading (My Vision)
Accidental actor
Moments (DELETED)
Listless Lustless
Sick Child
The Promising Child
Even Quiet Boys


Simon Bonney - vocals
Don McLennan - drums
Dan Wallace-Crabbe - guitar
Kim Beissel - alto saxophone
Lindsay O'Meara - bass
Chris Astley - keyboards

lineage: sbd > ? > cd-r > flac


this is other source than torrent posted in 2006 now reseeded (id=239755)

first take of Broken Lands is not included in this version

sound is much better although right channel looks to be highly normalisated
anyway did not altered files, so you got them raw


yet again I've got it from Phil from Australia and he got it from Kim Beissel

according to
Moments was relased on some compilation so it is not included in this torrent

Don't sell this recording, neither distribute in lossy form!!!

uploaded to dime by gevenkaven