Crime and the city Solution in the club LVC city leiden - holland - 1985 SHOW 1

reedseed and new cutting

taped by (flipp022) live

recorder 1 - sony wmd6c

microfoon homemade

Audience recording

Date 1985-may (exact date unknown)

the sound is very good = +

10 tracks

setlist, THANKS Vierstein91 (Reinhard) For Setlist Ane

01. The Coal Train
02. Six Bells Chime
03. Five Stone Walls
04. Adventure
05. Right Man, Wrong Man
06. The Last Day
07. Rose Blue
08. Hey Sinkiller
09. The Kentucky Click
10. The Dangling Man

Simon Bonney - vocals
Rowland S. Howard - guitar
Mick Harvey - guitar, organ
Harry Howard - bass
Epic Soundtracks - drums

this is only for supporter for supporter of the band, and not for sale.

Crime and The City Solution were a rock music band formed by Australian singer and songwriter Simon Bonney.

They had four distinct line-ups: Sydney in 1977-78, Melbourne in 1979, and two groupings in Berlin from 1985-1990.

The only common member in all four line-ups was Bonney.

Other members included: former members of The Birthday Party (Mick Harvey and Rowland S.

Howard); former Swell Maps drummer Epic Soundtracks; and Alexander Hacke from Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

Crime and the City Solution completed four studio albums and a number of E.Ps during its existence,

and a live album has since been released. Further early recordings have resurfaced on the internet.

Parallels have been drawn between Crime and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Crime were famed for their live performances,

where Bonney's delicate physical appearance contrasted sharply with his deep, dark voice. He has since gone on to record solo material.