artist: Crime and the City Solution
venue: Loft, Berlin (Germany)
date: 1985-10-06 (6th of October 1985)

total time: 56 mins

01. Five Stone Walls
02. The Coal Train
03. Rose Blue
04. The Dangling Man
05. Trouble Come This Morning
06. The Wailing Wall
07. Down A Path (a.k.a. The Blue Room)
08. When Morning Hangs (a.k.a. It Takes Two To Burn)
09. The Last Day
10. The Kentucky Click
11. At The Crossroads
12. Song X (a.k.a. Riverboat)

Line-up #3b (London: May 1985 - December 1986):
Simon Bonney (vocals)/ Rowland S.Howard (guitar)/ Harry Howard (bass)/ Mick Harvey (keyboards) and Epic Soundtracks (drums).

note: thanks to the original taper.

lineage: Audience cassette master> cassette> DAT
equipment: unknown
processing: Fostex D-5> TASCAM CD-RW 700 >EAC >CD Wave Editor (track splitting) >TLH 2.4.1 (flac level 8 / torrent creation)