Crime and the City Solution, Club Vox, Gothenburg, Sweden 1986-11-28.

Sony WM-R15 >> Maxell UD XL II >> Yamaha KX-300 >> Sound Forge 8 >> wav >>
Traders little helper >> flac level 6

1.The Coal Train
3.The Last Day
4.Right Man, Wrong Man
5.Six Bells Chime
8.Rose Blue
9.Five Stone Walls
10.No Money, No Honey
11.Trouble Come This Morning

The band:
Simon Bonney
Mick Harvey
Harry Howard
Rowland S. Howard
Epic Soundtracks

The beeping noice at the first track comes from Rowlands amp.
After fixing it, he done Pipeline as a sort of soundcheck.
The rest of the concert his guitar sounded OK.

A nilssound production