Albert King
1980 January 17th, Karhuset, Stockholm (FM Recording)

1 Kansas City
2 Stormy Monday
3 I Got the Blues
4 Oh, Pretty Woman
5 Born Under a bad Sign
6 I Wonder Why
7 The sky Is Crying

Petriz comments:
The first in a few Albert King uploads I have prepared - different than the shows uploaded at the Den.
I got this in an e-trade about five years ago from a collector from Sweden. It was inscribed as ?unedited - what exactly was edited
on another version I haveI do not know - but this one has more higher frequencies than that one.
The ffp and accuraterip file came with the files as I got them, The md5 checksums I created myself.

About the show vs. official 1980 Live In Sweden DVD:
As far as I know, the official live in Sweden dvd was also recorded in Stockholm in 1980, but
According to the info on discogs, the show was recorded on June 9th, and has a different setlist. Comparing "The Sky is crying"
you will notice that Albert has a different speech in both versions.