Crime & The City Solution
Novi Rock '88
Krizanke, Ljubljana, (Yugoslavia then, Slovenija today)

all must be love
the greater head
on every train (grain will bear grain)
new world
dangling man
encore **

Total time: 40:20

lineage: ? > ?th gen tape > ? > cd-r > cool edit (correcting track splitting) > wav > cd-r > wav > flac level 8
very good SBD recording, as far I know it came from bootleg tape that was relased in former Yugoslavia in late 80's

** on cd-r that I received, song titles were somwhere wrong and the last one was entitled Encore but I don't know if it's
correct title and I cannot compare this one to any song on any C&TCS official relase, also this track fades out at the end

Don't sell this recording, neither distribute in lossless format!!!

uploaded by gevenkaven


---------------------------Re-seed 2012:--------------------------

TLH padded track 5 and 6 as they had SBEs. Additional md5 added.