artist: Crime and the City Solution
venue: Ballroom of the Vooruit, Gent (Belgium)
date: 2012-10-29 (29th of October 2012)

line-up: Simon Bonney (vocals)/ Bronwyn Adams (violin, backing vocals)/ Alexander Hacke (guitar,backing vocals)/ David Eugene Edwards (guitar)/ Troy Gregory (bass,backing vocals)/ Matthew Smith (keyboards and Moog)/ Jim White (drums) and Danielle de Picciotto (live visuals, backing vocals).

total time: 88 mins

01. The Bride Ship
02. Keepsake
03. The Colonel Doesn't Call Anymore
04. Rose Blue
05. I Have The Gun
06. My Love Takes Me There
07. Hunter
08. On Every Train (Grain Will Bear Grain)
09. The Last Dictator (I-II)
10. The Dolphins and the Sharks
11. band introduction by Alex
12. All Must Be Love

13. Six Bells Chime
14. American Twilight

recording equipment: Core Sound Binaurals > Edirol R-05
processing: Cool Edit Pro (some edits)> CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splitting) >TLH 2.4.1 (flac - level 8 / torrent creation)

notes: The band returns 22 years after their last tour of North America in August 1991. Three of the 1988/1991 line-up (Simon, Bronwyn and Alex) are joined by members of Woven Hand/Sixteen Horsepower, The Dirtbombs/Simon Bonney band, Outrageous Cherry/Simon Bonney band and Dirty Three. Three Australians, four Americans and a German, operating largely from Detroit.

When "Rose Blue" started I was transported back to 1986 when I saw the band for the first time. It was almost as intense as back then. The new songs are superb as is the new album "American Twilight", which has just been released. There's a cool red vinyl version that comes with a poster and the CD.

About 300-400 people attended.