March 15th, 2008
Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Hello Kitty master DAT recording - Front Row of section A27
Paragon transfer and mastering.

Recording: Core Sound Stealth Cardoids with switchable battery box (flat) > Sony D7 (mic in) (16 bit 44.1khz)> Sony DG90P.
Transfer: Sony60ES > digital coax > Delta 66 >DAW.
Mastering: Wavelab 4.01 and various plug ins (bass boost, pre-amp hum removal, finishing).

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Chris Daughtry - Vocals
Josh Paul - Bass
Joey Barnes -Drums
Brian Craddock - Guitar
Josh Steely - Guitar

01. Gone
02. What I Want
03. chris talks
04. It's Not Over
05. Breakdown
06. What About Now
07. Feels Like Tonight
08. chris talks 2
09. Over You
10. chris talks 3
11. Home Sweet Home (motley crue cover)
12. Home
13. chris talks 4
14. There and Back Again
15. Nice Shot (stabbing westward cover)
16. band intros
17. There and Back reprise / end jam

A little over 44 seconds into the recording there was some really wacky surging and waning in the sound but it settled and I was able to
master both before and after, the moment passes quickly and you won't remember it by the time you are singing along :)

so i did manage to get the set; however, the sound is really off.  it starts out good, but in the first song it fades and stays that way.  i have no idea what happened.