Dave Gahan
Venue: Roskilde Festival
Roskilde, Denmark

Source: FM Broadcast
Broadcast Date: 2004-07-02

Lineage: FM Broadcast -> Denon TU 1500RD -> NAD C350 -> Audigy 2 -> Adobe Audition -> WAV -> FLAC Frontend level 8 -> FLAC
Recorded by Swedish Radio P3
Transferred and edited by Species 8472

File Size: 382 MB (FLAC)
Total running time: 55:58

1. Hidden Houses
2. Hold On
3. Dirty Sticky Floors
4. A Question of Time
5. Walking in My Shoes
6. Personal Jesus
7. Goodbye
8. I Feel You
9. Never Let Me Down Again

Unplugged Medley
10. Policy of Truth
11. Enjoy the Silence
12. Just Can't Get Enough
13. Enjoy the Silence

Excellent sound quality! This is not the complete show, but the complete broadcast. Between tracks 4-5 and 9-10 you'll hear the radio station's "watermark". It's non-intrusive so I didn't even try to edit it out.