10,000 Maniacs
2-17-93 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA

Marty G: Deleted 11:34 of crowd noise and junk audio from the end
of D2T8, and faded the end.

Also separated the three minutes of pre-encore crowd noise
into a separate track D2T3, and made an alternate version
that does a fade and cuts most of the noise. Original
version included. Use one or the other but not both!

disc 1:
1. These Are the Days
2. What's the Matter here?
3. Cherry Tree
4. A Campfire Song
5. Like the Weather
6. You Happy Puppet
7. Trouble Me
8. How You've Grown
9. Noah's Dove
10. Gun Shy
11. Eden
12. Jezebel
13. Eat For Two
14. City of Angels
15. Stockton Gala Days
16. Son of a Preacher Man
17. Candy Everybody Wants

disc 2:
1. Hey Jack Kerouac
2. Few and Far Between
3. pre-encore crowd noise (two versions - edited or full - choose one)
4. E: My Sister Rose
5. (Natalie talks)
6. E2: Everyday is Like Sunday
7. E3: Gold Rush Bride
8. E4: To Sir With Love