Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
December 16, 1996
Town Hall
New York, NY

Taper: Unknown (Jeff Travitz ?)
Source: Stealth AUD, I'm pretty sure it's Jeff Travitz's recording though
DAT->HD: Sony D8->Turtle beach Fiji with digi io->Soundforge, by Paul Cho Majority of Set played w/ Stefan Lessard

1 Intro
2 Warehouse
3 Lie In Our Graves
4 Crash (Into Me)
5 Christmas Song (All You Need Is Love, Can't Buy Me Love) [Without Stefan]
6 Short Intro -> Tripping Billies
7 Let You Down
8 Lover Lay Down
9 Muted Guitar Intro (No Mouth Sounds) -> Minarets ->
10 Deed Is Done
11 Typical Situation

1 Recently (Norwegian Wood In The Outro)
2 Too Much (With A Scat Bridge, Golden Years/fame Outro)
3 Jimi Thing ->
4 What Will Become Of Me?
5 Stream (Tim Solo)
6 Satellite
7 Dancing Nancies
8 Say Goodbye
9 Ants Marching
10 #41
11 Cry Freedom