Date: 19 April 2008
Location: Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii
Venue: Waikiki Shell

Kokua Festival 2008

Lineage: Audio Reality binaural mics > Sony RH1 (HiSP 256kbps) >
Sonic Stage to PC/WAV > Cool Edit Pro (tracking) > flac

Location: Section CC1 - equivalent to row 25 center

Song titles courtesy of posting at Ants Marching, except they
didn't have the Tim solo. It was the Neil Young tune, "After
The Goldrush"

Great venue, great vibe (as Dave Matthews says during his rap).
Dave and Tim also came back on for the last two encore tunes
of Jack Johnson's headline set. They did Jimmy Buffet's,
"Pirate Looks At 40" and then everyone came back on stage
for, "The 3 R's" which is the basis for the Kokua Festival -


BTW, Kokua means "help" so let us all keep the spirit of the
festival and practice the 3 R's.


Don't Drink the Water
Stay or Leave
Save Me
Eh Hee
Tim Solo - After The Goldrush (Neil Young)
Lie In Our Graves
So Damn Lucky
Dancing Nancies