Dave Matthews Band
November 18, 1992
The Floodzone
Richmond, VA

Taper: Mark Lynn
source: SBD->VHS HiFi Cassette

HiFi>DAT:Mark Lynn
Equip: Master Soundboard VHS HI-FI->Lucid AD9624->Fostex D5 DAT

HiFI playback on MitsubishiU53.AES/EBU out of AD into Fostex D5

DAT>SHN:Chris Jonus
Equip: Unknown

Disc 1:
-Set 1-
01: Tangerine
02: I'll Back You Up
03: Halloween
04: Pay For What You Get
05: Recently
06: So Much To Say
07: Lie In Our Graves
08: Spotlight

Disc 2:

01: Help Myself
02: Tripping Billies
03: Angel From Mongomery
04: Two Step
05: Satellite
06: Warehouse

Set 2 is missing, taper went home:(

-Notes From Taper-

The Tangerine->IBYU from this show remains one of my all time fav Dave
moments. There were not many people at this show. Maybe about 25-30
people at the begining. The source that is out here on etree sort of
cuts or begins abruptly into Tangerine. At the begining of my master
you can here Dave say "Hello and Welcome" before he goes into
Tangerine. I started recording literaly at the very begining of the
HIFI tape(bonehead!) and have not been able to make a Digital version
with the pre song comment because I cannot get the tape to rewind to
the begining. The Peter jam at the end of 2 Step is also pretty sweet
and one of my first favorite DMB jams.

compiled by allan chen

Updated by Andrew Knowles on 03-21-01