Dave Pirner
Target Field Station
Minneapolis, MN, USA
(Oct 3rd, 2015)

source: AKG ck61's > Nbob colletes > Naint PFA > Tascam DR680 @ 24bit-48k
location: in front of right stacks about 35 ft back, mics 7ft^
mic config: DINa

1. Intro by Jason Nagel
2. Get On Out
3. Lately
4. Leave Without A Trace
5. Misery > Silly Love Songs
6. String of Pearls
7. Summer Of Drugs
8. Never Really Been
9. Fearless Leader
10. I Did My Best
11. To My Own Devices
12. Closer To The Stars
13. Runaway Train
14. Joke time (shellfish/antanae/stick-boomerang)
15. Black Gold
16. Artificial Plant joke
17. Somebody To Shove
18. Outro by Jason Nagel

editing notes:
Pro Tools 12 used for most editing/eq type stuff
Sound Forge for lowering some individual spikes and for overall gain
R8Brain used to dither to 44k-16bit
CDWAV used to split the tracks
Shntool used to verify/correct Sector Boundaries

Notes: there are a couple spots of wind noise, and an instance or 2 of the local Transit Rail going by