David Bowie - The Legendary Lost Tapes (1972-73) Flac [1cd]
Studio & Live Recordings
Artwork Included

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The second issue of this material and it is a straight copy of the CD THE LEGENDARY TRIDENT SESSIONS (1998). Even if this CD is a copy of the original CD, the sound quality is a little bit better!

Wow! Amazing stuff! A rumour has been circulating that Lou and David joined Mott at at least one session during the recording of the "All The Young Dudes" album, while they were recording Lou's "Transformer" album. Here is the proof. Bowie sings ALL THE YOUNG DUDES and Lou sings SWEET JANE. They also participate on most of the other songs, playing guitar, sax or singing back up vocals. I had a tape of this session before, and I can't understand why the running order has been changed? The sound quality is excellent, but a little bit distorted (just as on the original tape!). The Glasgow show is remastered, and the sound quality is actually very good! The boring thing is that it isn't complete, and according to the cover the cuts between the songs comes from the the original tape. That isn't true! I have the tape and it doesn't feature any other cuts than the cut between side A and B. I also doubt that ROCK'N'ROLL SUICIDE is from the Glasgow show? I have never heard of any tape that lasts longer than SUFFRAGETTE CITY. Even the songs are roughly cut on the CD, not only the space of time between them! There are two missing songs, and they are LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER / THE JEAN GENIE / THE WIDTH OF A CIRCLE should have come after FIVE YEARS. Anyway, because of the Mott session this is a great disc.


David Bowie / Mott The Hoople / Lou Reed
Trident Studio Sessions
London, UK
May 1972

01. All The Young Dudes (long version)
02. It's Alright
03. Henry & The H-bomb (demo)
04. Sweet Jane
05. Shakin' All Over
06. Please Don't Touch
07. So Sad

Tracks 1-3 David Bowie with Mott The Hoople.
Track 4 David Bowie with Moot The Hoople, featuring Lou Reed on guide vocals.
Tracks 5-7 Lou Reed with Mott The Hoople.

The Green's Playhouse
Glasgow, Scotland
5th January 1973
(Afternoon Show)

08. Hang On To Yourself
09. Ziggy Stardust
10. Changes
11. The Supermen
12. Five Years
13. Life On Mars?
14. John, I'm Only Dancing
15. Moonage Daydream
16. Suffragette City
17. The Width Of A Circle
18. Rock'n'Roll Suicide


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