DAVID BOWIE - Preston 1972-06-04

Guild Hall, Preston, England

Audience recording
Lineage: TDK SA90 tape (Arcorman) > Denon DRM-500 tape deck > direct wire > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4
Number of discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 65:04


1. Ode To Joy Intro
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. The Supermen
5. Queen Bitch
6. Song For Bob Dylan
7. Starman
8. Changes
9. Five Years
10. Space Oddity
11. Andy Warhol
12. Amsterdam
13. I Feel Free
14. Moonage Daydream
15. White Light/White Heat
16. Suffragette City
17. Waiting For The Man


iZotope RX denoiser used (one pass on side 1, two passes on side 2) to remove hiss.
Annoying whistle all the way through side one. Nuked the frequency of 8,685Khz, ±150Khz to remove.
Volume boosted on Space Oddity, Andy Warhol and Amsterdam by 25%. Volume also boosted at end of side 2, from the encore break, and then also again from around 2 minutes into Waiting For The Man, where the volume was dropped for no apparent reason.
Join between Amsterdam and I Feel Free. Nothing lost, but sound quality change, as I Feel Free has brighter sound.
Momentary drop in volume just before Suffragette City is on the tape.
Gap removed from Suffragette City @ 2:27 - broadly OK, but sound quality changes after.
Fix @ 5:10 in I Feel Free with small gap removed - minimal impact.

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