David Bowie
Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, USA
March - 10 - 1973

Digital transfer from 2 bootleg sources (Audience recording):

1. The All American Bowie, DB 542, original running order:

01 My Death
02 Aladdin Sane
03 Five Years
04 The Width Of A Circle
05 Ziggy Stardust
06 Changes
07 Panic In Detroit
08 Time
09 Suffragette City

2. My Radio Sweetheart, Tune In 001, original running order:

01 Ode To Joy
02 Hang On To Yourself
03 Moonage Daydream
04 Watch That Man

Rec. Info:
bootleg LP -> transfer via Thorens TD 146 + Magix Music Cleaning Lab to harddisk -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (remaster/edit) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> DIME
The 2 sources might come from the same original tape but the sound is quite different. The All American Bowie (AAB) tracks are a bit dull while the My Radio Sweetheart (MRS)
tracks are quite on the high end. Also the song running order on both LP's is wrong. Accord. to setlist.fm 6 tracks are missing from the recording (Panic in Detroit is not listed on setlist.fm)
The levels are varying and some of the tracks fade in. Of course there are the usual bootleg problems like clicks and crackle.

To improve and especially to unify the sound of both sources I did the following:

1. EQ of all tracks. I lifted the treble of the AAB tracks and the bass of the MRS tracks.
2. Remove most obvious clicks and crackle with the help of Magix Music Cleaning Lab.
3. The sound level was balanced.


4. The running order of the tracks was arranged as in the original concert (source: setlist.fm)

This show and also in this combination of sources was on dime before but this is the first time that the songs were EQ'd and the running order was corrected.
So I think this is now quite listenable as already the sound of the 2 sources was not too bad.
I would give it now a VG rating (check samples of both sources). The show itself is great. Here is a comment froma previous upload:

"Performance is fantastic. Rono as usual is on fire and Garson's solo in Aladin Sane is insane. Well worth the download."

Nothing to add to this.

Complete setlist (recording length 59:06 min.)

01 - Ode to Joy intro (cuts in)
02 - Hang On to Yourself
03 - Ziggy Stardust
04 - Changes
05 - Moonage Daydream
John, I'm Only Dancing*
06 - Watch That Man
07 - Panic In Detroit
08 - Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?) (fades in)
09 - My Death (Jacques Brel)
10 - The Width of a Circle
Space Oddity*
The Jean Genie*
11 - Time
12 - Five Years (fades in right after start of song)
Let's Spend the Night Together (The Rolling Stones)*
13 - Suffragette City
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide*

* not included in recording

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Tour band Ziggy Stardust tour 1972-1973:

David Bowie - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder – bass
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey – drums
Mike Garson – piano, mellotron, organ (22 September 1972 – end of tour)
Geoffrey A. MacCormack – backing vocals, percussion (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
Ken Fordham – saxophone (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
Brian Wilshaw – saxophone, flute (19 January 1973 – end of tour)

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2014/02/27