David Bowie
Curtis Hixon Hall
Tampa Florida
July 2 1974
Audience 88 minutes
Kut Korners Production (KKP-001)

Lineage: Source 1 CDR-->Wavelab 5-->Traders Little Helper--> Flac(level.8)
Source 2 Silver CD (David Bowie 1974)-->Wavelab 5-->Traders Little Helper-->Flac(level.8)

Where to begin. Source 1 came from the Dime a while back. A good recording but it had no guts. Most of the tracks had a peak db level of -5 to -8. I felt it needed an overhaul. It was also missing the begining introduction, Rock n Roll With Me. Source 2 IMO was a dreadful attempt at mastering a bootleg by the people behind the Fire Power label.It was compressed to the threshold of pain, and eq'd by somebody who is tone deaf. It was also not complete. Panic in Detroit is the last song on the disc. I did what I could to make a decent complete show. There are some hot spots here and there, mainly because when When listening to both sources, its apparent to me that these are 2 different audience recordings.More crowd chatter on source 2

As for the perfromance and quality, it is probably my favorite from the early part of the 1974 tour. Yes the famous L.A. show is better quality but I truly find this one to be a diamond in the rough. My only complaint is that the band came in too early during Earl's solo in Width of a Circle.

For those who dont know, half of the stage and costumes in one of the trucks was in an accident on the way to the gig. So this was a stripped down show. Maybe thats why the performance is so good.

If you are familiar with this show, please give me your thoughts about the quality. If there is a better version, lets get it up here.

A big thanks to the original seeder of source 1

01. Stage Announcement/Intro
02. 1984
03. Rebel Rebel
04. Moonage Daydream
05. Sweet Thing
06. Changes
07. Suffragette City
08. Aladin Sane
09. All The Young Dudes
10. Cracked Actor
11. Rock n Roll With Me (source 2)
12. Watch That Man (source 2)
13. Space Oddity
14. Diamond Dogs
15. Panic In Detroit
16. Big Brother
17. Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family
18. Time
19. Width of a Circle
20. Jean Genie
21. Rock n Roll Suicide