Alter Bridge Cardiff Motorpoint Arena Cardiff Wales 2013.10.20
jjbomber master

lineage audience r09-hr master wav at 16/44.1 flac to you

Gear Edirol R09-HR, Yoga Mic.
Between the speakers, 10 yards in front of mixing desk.

Track Listing:
01. Addicted To Pain
02. White Knuckles
03. Come To Life
04. Before Tomorrow Comes
05. Farther than The Sun
06. Brand New Start
07. Cry Of Achilles
08. Ghost Of Days Gone By
09. Ties That Bind
10. Waters Rising
11. Broken Wings
12. Metalingus
13. Blackbird
14. Watch Over You
15. Ride Today
16. Open Your Eyes
17. Slip To The Void
18. Isolation

Notes:from jjbomber
Waters Rising was performed live for the first time
Lizzie hale dueted with Myles kennedy on Watch Over You