Artist: David Bowie
Date: 1974-10-20
Location: Detroit, WA
Venue: Michigan Palace
Source: Audience
Lineage: ANA(M)>WAV [96kHz/24bit]>WAV [44.1kHz/16bit]>FLAC [Level 8]
Transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A>PreSonus FireStudio Project>Adobe Audition 3.0>Cdwave editor>FLAC frontend 1.7.1
Taping Gear: Radioshack dictation style cassette recorder w/builtin mic
Taped By: Friend of JEMS
Transferred By: Mike Ziegler
master tapes courtesy of JEMS archives

Band Members:
David Bowie - vocals

The Mike Garson Band
Mike Garson - piano, mellotron
Earl Slick - lead guitar
Carlos Alomar - rhythm guitar
Emir Ksasan - bass
Dennis Davis - drums
Pablo Rosario - percussion
David Sanborn - alto sax, flute
Richard Grando - baritone sax, flute
Michael Kamen - electric piano, moog, oboe
Geoffrey MacCormack aka Warren Peace - backing vocals
Ava Cherry - backing vocals
Robin Clark - backing vocals
Jean Fineberg - backing vocals
Anthony Hinton - backing vocals
Dianne Sumler - backing vocals
Luther Vandross - backing vocals

01. Rebel Rebel (cuts in)
02. John I'm Only Dancing
03. Sorrow
04. Changes
05. 1984
06. Moonage Daydream
07. Rock 'N' Roll With Me
08. Love Me Do ->
09. The Jean Genie
10. Diamond Dogs
11. Young Americans
12. Can You Hear Me
13. It's Gonna Be Me
14. Somebody Up There Likes Me
15. Suffragette City
16. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
17. Panic In Detroit

Length: 80:31

Master cassette transfer from the JEMS archives. This recording captures Bowie on the soul/philly dogs tour. He played 5 nights at the Michigan Palace for this stop with this recording coming from the last night. It is mostly complete possibly missing only the opening song(s) which most likely would have been either Memory Of A Free Festival and/or Space Oddity.