Zurich 76 (16-Bit Matrix Learm) (BOWSTAT005-16RM)

Artist: David Bowie
Date: 17. April 1976
Venue: Hallenstadion
City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland

Matrix of 2 different audience recordings from the same show.

Lineage (Both recordings):
1. gen. Tape > Technics Rs-bx501 > Zoom H2N (24/96) Flac

Flac files of 2 recordings (96 kHz/24 bit) -> Switch Sound File Converter Plus (downsample 96/24 > 48/24) > Magix Music Cleaning Lab (Remaster 48/24)
> Switch Sound File Converter Plus (downsample 48/24 > 44/16) > TLH (Fix SBEs) > BowieStation

A previous matrix consisting of the 2 different recordings (source HG 29 by steve23yh) was uploaded to MWP on 21-12-2014 and to Bowiestation on 25-05-2015.

This matrix here is superior to the previous one as the original files came from the master tapes and were digitized in 96 kHz/24 bit.
The sound in comparison is clearer and has less distortion.

Concerning the making of the matrix the processing was more or less the same as with the previous matrix:

Both recordings were incomplete as both had several cuts and have quite distinctive differences in sound. As a result of the matrix
the sound is very balanced between frequencies.
To adapt the single bits from either one or the other tape to the overall sound some EQ was necessary. Also I lifted the bass and treble of the combination a bit.

As always the biggest challenge was the differences in speed of both tapes. As usual with such old recordings (and gens) the speed was inconsistent within each track.
So it took quite a while to fix this. I was orientating the speed towards version 2.
Version 1 has some problems with higher levels in sound and so also the matrix is suffering from this a bit.
The concert as such for me sounds very committed. David is in very good mood and after the band introduction he states: "...you are the audience ....and I am David Bowie"

Setlist (length 97:13 min):

CD 1:

01 - introduction
02 - Station To Station
03 - Suffragette City
04 - Fame
05 - Word On A Wing
06 - Stay
07 - Waiting For The Man
08 - Queen Bitch
09 - Life On Mars?
10 - Five Years

CD 2:

11 - Panic In Detroit
12 - band introductions
13 - Changes
14 - TVC 15
15 - Diamond Dogs
16 - encore call
17 - Rebel Rebel
18 - The Jean Genie

Tour band Isolar 1976:

David Bowie - vocals, saxophone
Stacey Heydon - lead guitar
Carlos Alomar - rhythm guitar
George Murray - bass guitar
Dennis Davis - drums
Tony Kaye - keyboards, synthesizers

This tape was donated to BowieStation by a private collector.
A lot of thanks to him for offering his tapes.

The following editions are available:

BOWSTAT005-24RAW - 24-bit raw (24-96)
BOWSTAT005-24RAW-V2 - 24-bit raw (24-96)
BOWSTAT005-24RM - 24-bit matrix (24-48)
BOWSTAT005-16RM - 16-bit matrix (CD-version)

BowieStation production 2015.

Matrix by Learm.
Artwork by MossGarden.

All versions above are available at http://www.bowiestation.com/ along with about 1000 Bowie torrents.

Uploaded to BowieStation by Learm on August 8th 2015
Uploaded to BowieStation by Jan Erik on January 22nd 2016