David Bowie
Vampires Of Human Flesh
Scary Monsters Demos and Alternative Versions

Liberated Bootleg
Midnight Beat MB CD 021

Silver Disc>EAC>Flac


01.Scream Like A Baby
02.Because You're Young
03.Kingdom Come
04.Up The Hill Backwards
05.It's No Game
06.Is There Life After Marriage?
07.Up The Hill Backwards
08.Teenage Wildlife
09.Kingdom Come
10.Scary Monsters

A collection of demo and alternate versions of numbers from the Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) album. One song, "Is There Life After Marriage?" is unreleased, and is an upbeat instrumental excursion which is certainly good enough to have been on the final release. After the original master to this commercially released bootleg was confiscated, in 1996 it was re-released as an identical reproduction, only distinguished by a light brown background on its front and rear sleeve, instead of white. Both versions had the same superb audio quality and disk art as well.

This title includes "Teenage Wildlife" which does not appear on the Glamour 1980 CD.

Artwork Included.

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