David Bowie
Las Colinas Soundstage
Dallas, Texas
April 26, 1983

Source: Unknown Generation XLIIS90 --> RealTek HD Manager --> TEAC Cassette Deck --> Audacity --> Wav --> FLAC Front End 8

Description: This rehearsal is the day before the one that commonly circulates, so this dates April 26, 1983. It differs from the other session (with the 'Hey Ricky' version being the definitive one) because the banter is different before Look Back In Anger. Prior to the 27th surfacing, this was the definitive 1983 rehearsal tape, and yes, it does include Stevie Ray Vaughan. Although the quality is slightly less than the 27th, this is still a soundboard, with very respectable sound. As a historical monument, it is no less significant. Enjoy!!

1. The Jean Genie (Intro)
2. Star
3. "Heroes"
4. What In The World
5. Look Back In Anger
6. Joe The Lion
7. Wild Is The Wind
8. Golden Years
9. Fashion
10. Let's Dance
11. Red Sails
12. Breaking Glass
13. Life On Mars?
14. Sorrow
15. Cat People
16. China Girl
17. Scary Monsters (w/false start)
18. Rebel Rebel
19. I Can't Explain
20. White Light, White Heat
21. Station To Station
22. Cracked Actor
23. Ashes To Ashes

From the Blackout archives. Enjoy!!