David Bowie
Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia, PA USA
July 30, 1987

Source: Audience recording > ? > Master tape > XLIIS90 (1st generation from master) > Audacity > FLAC (level 8).

CD 1:
01. (intro)
02. (spoken intro)/Up The Hill Backwards
03. Glass Spider
04. Up The Hill Backwards (Reprise)
05. Day-In, Day-Out
06. Bang Bang
07. Absolute Beginners
08. Loving The Alien
09. China Girl
10. Fashion
11. Scary Monsters
12. All The Madmen
13. Never Let Me Down
14. Big Brother (with drum solo)
15. '87 And Cry
16. "Heroes"

CD 2:
17. Time Will Crawl
18. (band intros)
19. Young Americans
20. Beat Of Your Drum
21. Rebel Rebel
22. The Jean Genie
23. Sons Of The Silent Age
24. Dancing With The Big Boys
25. White Light, White Heat
26. Let's Dance
27. Fame
28. Time
29. Blue Jean
30. Modern Love

Total time = 137:28

blackout posted this show in Nov. '09. He said, "This is the first show of the North American leg of the Glass Spider Tour. It's a decent recording and as the lineage shows very low generation. This is my first attempt at a MWP upload so it's a bit of an experiment. Feedback is appreciated. In my opinion this remains an underrated tour. Yes, you have your turkeys in the setlist, but there is also some great stuff, like All The Madmen and Big Brother, just to name two. I think the fact that Bowie, in such a mass produced effort, was still into his earlier material enough to put these kinds of songs in the setlist for a stadium crowd shows a lot. The only thing I wish is that he left the Scary Monsters material in that didn't make it, but then again you can't have everything. This is a period piece."

Again, I fixed all of the SBEs (with TLH) that plagued every track and generated a new .ffp file. Otherwise, I left the audio and tracking alone.

As a side light, here's a link to an interesting tribute essay and personal narrative in NPR's Music section: