David Bowie
Colisee de Quebec
Quebec City, Quebec (Canada)
March 4, 1990

Source: Audience recording > ? < Sony WMD-3 recorder > ? > 1st generation audio tape > TEAC Tape Deck W600R > Real Tek HD Manager > Audacity > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC (level 8). From the Blackout archives.

CD 1 (1st set):
01. \\Space Oddity
02. Changes
03. TVC-15
04. Rebel Rebel
05. Golden Years
06. Be My Wife
07. Ashes To Ashes
08. John, I'm Only Dancing
09. Queen Bitch
10. Fashion
11. Life On Mars?
12. Blue Jean
13. Let's Dance
14. Stay
15. China Girl

CD 2 (2nd set):
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Sound And Vision
18. Station To Station
19. Alabama Song
20. Young Americans
21. Panic In Detroit
22. Suffragette City
23. Fame
24. "Heroes"
25. The Jean Genie
26. Pretty Pink Rose
27. Modern Love
28. Rock N'Roll Suicide

Total time = 130:00

David Bowie - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Adrian Belew - lead guitar
Michael Hodges - drums
Erdal Kizilcay - bass
Rick Fox - keyboards

The first show of the Sound And Vision Tour 1990, which was described as a greatest hits tour in which Bowie would retire afterwards his back catalogue of hit songs from live performance. As far as I know, no official recording of the show has been made commercially available in either audio or video form. Le Colisee de Quebec was essentially used as a hockey stadium with a capacity of slightly more than 15,000. It's now closed awaiting demolition. The only time I saw Bowie was during that tour at one of the Auburn Hills shows, and I always hated seeing artists at mega big concrete arenas. I was living in Ann Arbor at the time and my parents didn't object because there were group of girls going. We ended up losing track of one of the girls and I refused to go look for her - we girls do stick together and watch out for each other, but not then - because I wanted to see the show, and so we found her afterwards at a Red Cross station in one of the locker rooms, throwing up all of her smuggled in alcohol.

This show was posted in Dec. '09 by blackout. But every track had a SBE (ref. shntool_len_original.txt), so all have been fixed (with TLH). But neither audio nor tracking were altered.