Alter Bridge
January 25, 2017
Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL

Taper: Auger3d
Equipment: Sony PCM M-10, SP-CMC-9 Cardiod
Source: 96khz, 24 bit > FLAC


01 Intro
02 Writing On The Wall
03 Come To Life
04 Addicted To Pain
05 Ghosts of Days Gone By
06 Cry of Achilles
07 My Champion
08 Ties That Bind
09 The Last Hero
10 Waters Rising
11 Wonderful Life
12 Watch Over You
13 Crows On A Wire
14 Isolation
15 Slip To The Void
16 Blackbird
17 Metalingus
18 Open Your Eyes
19 Show Me A Leader
20 Dueling Guitar Solos
21 Rise Today

Notes: Alter Bridge put on a great show in Chicago, as always! Nonpoint and Weapons of Anew opened the show.

I included some pictures that I took myself.