Band: Alter Bridge
Date: February 12, 2107
Title: Live at the Ritz 2017
Matrix: GSJ-0124 (Genuine Space Jewel Recording)

Venue: The Ritz
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Equipment: Edirol R-09HR -(24/48 record)-> Adobe Audition -(track)-> TLH -(FLAC 8)-> DONE!

01. Writing On The Wall
02. Come To Life
03. Farther Than The Sun
04. Addicted To The Pain
05. Ghosts Of Days Gone By
06. Cry Of Achilles
07. Brand New Start
08. My Champion
09. Ties That Bind
10. Island of Fools
11. Waters Rising
12. Wonderful Life (acoustic)
13. Watch Over You (acoustic)
14. Isolation
15. Blackbird
16. Open Your Eyes
17. Happy Birthday to Amanda
18. Metalingus
19. Crazy Shit
20. Show Me A Leader
21. Guitar Dual
22. Rise Today

Alter Bridge:
Myles Kennedy
Mark Tremonti
Brian Marshall
Scott Phillips

As I headed out, rain started pouring down and I was thinking this was going to be rough night. I made it to the venue around 7:45 because the concert was supposed to start at 8:00. Turns out that Weapons of Anew already played and left the stage. I got in and within a few minutes nonpoint took the stage. They rocked it out loud and put on an entertaining show. Then it was time for the main act: Alter Bridge. The sound was amazing, strong, clear and well balanced. Maybe that was because I was standing next to the soundboard. Myles voice was stunning his and Mark's guitar playing was masterful - simply amazing to watch them work their magic with the strings. Then, Myles slowed things down with a show acoustic song, a blending of Wonderful Life and Watch Over You. Incidentally, there was a girl in the audience named Amanda who was having a birthday, so Myles sang Happy Birthday to her. After a brief encore break, Myles came out and started playing on the guitar, sounded to me like Around The World by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then then rolled straight into Show Me A Leader. They closed the show with a guitar dual and Rise Today. I hung around afterwards and all the guys made time to meet the fans and sign autographs.

MD5 checksum values:
9841f3e8ef94d00a36bf2abe367a3b67 *01. Writing On The Wall.2448.flac
d5288120a70b0fbb002d89e35a766cb0 *02. Come To Life.2448.flac
52b07143709e094e94e2f685870433d8 *03. Farther Than The Sun.2448.flac
1bcb25212c11b09c529fea4514168292 *04. Addicted To The Pain.2448.flac
f03b9ed9104f99409ab862b94dfe5f81 *05. Ghosts Of Days Gone By.2448.flac
ddde5ac9fe96ffd96372b15e8eada85f *06. Cry Of Achilles.2448.flac
7239fd021f7b33dd60cd953958295b2a *07. Brand New Start.2448.flac
a9d4ef4c13b7edf2bf8d94e2788cdc41 *08. My Champion.2448.flac
7e353a410bb3f9b6249cfa0f86ef38e6 *09. Ties That Bind.2448.flac
32a4d1ad6bfe78a41027c10c5b1968d6 *10. Island Of Fools.2448.flac
ebfa66242471f2bf8e4592e50da39401 *11. Waters Rising.2448.flac
cb3267a7994364dc2a8a163ee15ee5d9 *12. Wonderful Life.2448.flac
4ef26f186a6630979eb1518b95ef626e *13. Watch Over You.2448.flac
9b330bcb219ab2bc6ece1826705e9e75 *14. Isolation.2448.flac
1179e81545dee3c3ca93413b8aaa247a *15. Blackbird.2448.flac
828dccda95fb82c0b7f998b5f99b8f62 *16. Open Your Eyes.2448.flac
ebda1b1854601b94e1e02a312b305a4c *17. Happy Birthday to Amanda.2448.flac
b2d7306aa745a75579b012d07f6ee911 *18. Metalingus.2448.flac
325f0843b233f6a23af050b15eb44b26 *19. Crazy Shit.2448.flac
f520abda9dc9420b6af64b68d8d11555 *20. Show Me A Leader.2448.flac
9b5061a45e7cd72064c889a7880d610d *21. Guitar Dual.2448.flac
2e49ad956e411c573a54ec2108ec4c79 *22. Rise Today.2448.flac

FLAC Fingerprints:
01. Writing On The Wall.2448.flac:12ba4f8505539f2b9d50258432622c98
02. Come To Life.2448.flac:001e7bc0177e83ffe4f3304553ed8456
03. Farther Than The Sun.2448.flac:fd4555683c52555412be588bb1c0c6f8
04. Addicted To The Pain.2448.flac:0f49cd998a7c1ee671ea51583075b474
05. Ghosts Of Days Gone By.2448.flac:008ee0dfa5f44d0afff4df4a39d38912
06. Cry Of Achilles.2448.flac:c8f270e374fe8c72ebc7fb56c2d19826
07. Brand New Start.2448.flac:470f0b1d47b87a55c9a2ef6aa88593fb
08. My Champion.2448.flac:ebef859af456a26d0797f1f0e9ac07a5
09. Ties That Bind.2448.flac:5b51de2251dbd134a5eb96e15397e0ee
10. Island Of Fools.2448.flac:9147d2ae24bdfee2fed88f5a74917592
11. Waters Rising.2448.flac:aae97fb9e09714bcd2e2090fe52650ed
12. Wonderful Life.2448.flac:906f8799808f7c1c9e19a47033ceef99
13. Watch Over You.2448.flac:3171c7c49f75a4a2f9bcdc3f383f2c1c
14. Isolation.2448.flac:a7621dcdcbcef133cc6690a0889305fd
15. Blackbird.2448.flac:5321db65395a16b29cb3d8395e219037
16. Open Your Eyes.2448.flac:432c21ed489537cf59e43fe9836dcf13
17. Happy Birthday to Amanda.2448.flac:9f4205a9ebbfd5d7a900bcd264681a25
18. Metalingus.2448.flac:836d53a17b16ec8d15ff11fba77e902c
19. Crazy Shit.2448.flac:e1b4b993110a507005493c2861e36f41
20. Show Me A Leader.2448.flac:54bbbe81e71499053b2005882a10b2c3
21. Guitar Dual.2448.flac:8b6b04586a5ab6265a1f29072ee9df73
22. Rise Today.2448.flac:502b027d83013d2ee5f1c1640c06ff59

Recording by: donkyFliP
Artwork by: donkyFliP
Brought to you by: donkyFliP