David Bowie
The Back Yard at Bee Cave
Bee Cave, TX (same county as Austin, TX)

Audience recording, 30' from stage

Lineage: unknown recording gear -> CD-R's -> EAC -> FLAC

I've had this recording since it was sent to me by the taper in mid-2004, but have only dug it out to FLAC it and share today, January 11, 2016, in remembrance of David Bowie. RIP.

The recording may have never circulated outside the taper's small circle. Unfortunately, I've lost touch with him. The taper transferred his recording to CD and tracked it. I don't recall having mastered it myself. It's an awesome recording and he should take full credit for it.

January, 2016

Set list/tracks (from http://www.setlist.fm/setlist..ve-bee-cave-tx-13d2d155.html)

Disk 1:
Rebel Rebel

New Killer Star

Battle for Britain (The Letter)

Cactus (Pixies cover)


All the Young Dudes

China Girl (Iggy Pop cover)

Modern Love


The Loneliest Guy

The Man Who Sold the World

Hallo Spaceboy


Heathen (The Rays)

Under Pressure (Queen cover)

Disk 2:

The Supermen


Ashes to Ashes


I'm Afraid of Americans


(applause track)

Slip Away (with The Polyphonic Spree)

Hang On to Yourself

Five Years

Suffragette City

Ziggy Stardust