David Gilmour - 1984-07-12 Westwood One In Concert 2LP Vinyl 24-96 Pre-FM

Show 85-7
Airs 3/22 3/24 1985

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Souce: Original Westwood One Radio Network LP's
Gear: VPI Scoutmaster turntable > Dynavector 20XL cart > Sutherland Ph3D phono preamp > passive preamp > M-audio FIrewire Audiophile
Software: Adobe Audtion 2.0, Flac Frontend
Concert Date: 1984-07-12

DG WW1 2496 Side 01: Until We Sleep / All Lovers Are Deranged / Money
DG WW1 2496 Side 02: Love On The Air / Short And Sweet / You Know I'm Right
DG WW1 2496 Side 03: Run Like Hell / Blue Light
DG WW1 2496 Side 04: Band Intros / Comfortably Numb

LP recorded at 24/96 to preserve the full fidelity of the vinyl LP's.
Each side is a seperate flac file.


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Contrast Clause:
This torrent is different because it is Pre-FM.

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