David Gilmour
Oberhausen, Germany
19. September 2015

minimax master-series #545

Master - Audience recording
Genre: old-school-ex-psychedelic-music
Taping-location: maybe 10.000 miles away from the stage, at the opposite side of this beautiful Betonklotz!!
Stage: maybe there was a David Gilmour (and his band) on stage, maybe there were only very small ants up there who won the david-Gilmour-look-a-like contest last week
Sound-quality: excellent-
Ticket-costs: 50,- € - on the black market - minutes before this event started
Equipment: Zoom H4N - Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

no concert-infos this time as most of you all know what this here is about.

This time without any artwork - so it's up to you!!

maybe David Gilmour
maybe Phil Manzanera
maybe ????
maybe more ???

Setlist: (help me out!)

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