Alter Bridge
Earthday Birthday 24
Central Florida Fairgrounds
Orlando, FL
April 22, 2017

Panasonic MM-BSM7's >Edirol R-09 >44.1khz, 16bit wave
>SanDisk 8gb CF card >Audition 1.5(e.q./hard limit/fades/tracks)
>wave >FLAC(level 8).


Set/Track List:
1. intro
2. Come To Life
3. Addicted To Pain
4. Cry of Achilles
5. Ties That Bind
6. My Champion
7. Waters Rising
8. Metalingus
9. Blackbird
10. Isolation
11. Show Me a Leader
12. Rise Today

My position in mid-field was directly right of the soundboard. This was
good for getting out of the rowdy pit up front with all the buzzed and
drunk chatterboxes around, but the wind had picked up around this
time and gave the folks (and mics) further back the damn "swirling"
effect in the main mix :/ I will attach samples of best and worst moments.
The guys kicked out some really good jams and I thought it was one
hell of a treat to have them play this festival. Other bands on the bill,
which I recorded were Sevendust and Nonpoint. Cover art is included
in the torrent. Support Alter Bridge, Tremonti and Projected. Keep
buying their tickets, music and merch. Never buy or sell fan-released