David Grohl
Hurricane Katrina Benefit
The Wiltern Theater
Los Angeles, CA
September 22, 2005

Taper: B.A. Baracus
Source: AT831 > SP-SPSC-1 batt. box (w/ bass rolloff set @ 107 Hz) > Nomad Jukebox 3 (wav @ 44.1k)


Disk 1
01 - Tenacious D introduces Dave [02:07.04]
02 - 'Skin and Bones' intro [01:45.32]
03 - Skin and Bones [03:54.19]
04 - Best of You [05:10.33]
05 - 'Friend of a Friend' story [00:47.46]
06 - Friend of a Friend [03:08.47]
07 - Dave tells the story of seeing the hurricane destruction first hand [02:55.16]
08 - Born On The Bayou * [03:41.21]

Total: [23:29.68]

This was a David Grohl solo acoustic set

* Creedence Clearwater Revival cover (with Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes on Drums and Electric guitar)

There were several sources of this night recorded! Keep track of sources when trading. Look at taper name, track times, and source listed to see what one you have and tell others when trading so they can keep track as well.

The entire night was recorded, and the other bands' torrents of this source are out there.

This was part of a Hurricane Katrina Benefit held at the Los Angeles Wiltern Theater.

The night was hosted by Tenacious D and the performers were (in order): Fiona Apple > Sarah Silverman > Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes > David Cross > David Grohl > Tenaciuos D

B.A. says: "Hey you crazy fool! If the quality sucks, go tape the show yourself and quit complaining! Sucka!"
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