Dead Milkmen July 28, 1987 Newport Music Hall Columbus, Ohio

Master, audience recording

Sony WMD-3/Aiwa CM-30A, SoundForge CD Architect XP4.0 convert to .WAV, Flac

This set list is my best quess. If you are able to firm up the set list, I'd appreciate it.

01 The Pit
02 Tiny Town
03 The Specialist
04 The Walrus
05 The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
06 No Ambition
07 Rastabilly
08 Where The Taranchala Lives
09 Ai Crash Museum
10 Hangin' Round
11 Watching Scotty Die
12 Charles Nelson Riley
13 Fucked Up World
14 Lucky
15 The Beach Song
16 Beach Party Vietnam
17 Bitchin' Camaro
18 Surfs Up
19 Big Time Operator
20 Violence Rules
21 Shoot Up Or Shut Up
22 Right Wing Pigion
23 Nitro Burning Funny Car
24 Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern
25 Big Lizard
26 Jellyfish Heaven
27 Two Feet Off The Ground
28 My Girl
29 The Volcano God