Deep Purple
City Hall, Sheffield, UK
October 5th, 1971
speed corrected

CD 1:

01. Highway Star
02. Strange Kind Of Woman
03. No No No
04. Child In Time

CD 2:

05. The Mule (incl. drum solo)
06. Lazy
07. Fireball
08. Speed King

Ritchie Blackmore (lead guitar)
Ian Gillan (vocals)
Roger Glover (bass guitar)
Jon Lord (organ)
Ian Paice (drums)

Lineage: flac files from another trade, generation unknown - speed correction and glitch fixing with Sound Forge - flac files.

Here is a speed corrected version of a classic Deep Purple Mk II show featuring very early versions of Highway Star und Lazy, two months before they were recorded for the Machine Head album.

I received the orginal files a few years ago from another torrent tracker. I corrected the speed for the last four tracks (the others were running properly) and added the missing last minute of Lazy from a CDR I've got a few years earlier labelled 'Surprising Concert'.

Yes, it is debatable whether it's useful to complete a recording with a snippet of another version. However, both recordings come from the same source though sounding differently, so I think it makes sense in this case. But therefore I won't call this upload something like a 'definite version'. It's the best I could make of the material I have. I hope that some day the master tape will turn up, then we'll get a definite version.

Besides speed correcting and fixing a few glitches I didn't do any sound editing. I included the 'Surprising Concert' artwork, sadly I don't have it in high resolution.