Deep Purple - 1987-05-27 - Sacramento (Diff. Source)

Deep Purple with Ritchie Blackmore
California Expo Amphitheater
Sacramento, Ca.
May 27th 1987

Set List:

01. Highway Star 6:26
02. Strange Kind Of Woman 7:34
03. Drum Solo 3:13
04. Dead Or Alive 6:50
05. Perfect Strangers 6:17
06. Bad Attitude 4:23
07. Child In Time 9:56
08. Difficult To Cure - Keyboard Solo - Knocking At Your Backdoor (Fade out) 16:29

Total time: 61:12.33
Source: Audience Master Cassette (Maxell Xll)
Covers: No
Sound Quality: A-
MP3 low res sound samples: Yes

Lineage: >Sony Stereo Cassette Recorder>Maxell XLII cassette>'89 Awia top of the line dual cassette player/recorder>Tascam 5000 Studio Burner>CDR>EAC>WAV>Trader'sLittleHelper>FLAC Level 8

Stratus7 notes:
This is one of my master tapes from my private collection and hasn't ever seen the light of day till now. Deep Purple at the California Expo., in Sacramento, CA. May 27th, 1987. This is truly an amazing show and very nice stereo sound quality too! Ritchie Blackmore and the rest of the band mates blister through a high octane set! The ending of the last track was faded out during transfer, due to not quite catching the very end of song. For all the Blackmore and Deep Purple'll certainly be in for a great surprise, especially after hearing the samples. Cheers.

If i find this being sold for profit anywhere, will immediately stop uploading future shows.
Please do not become the "scum of the earth" and sell on eBay, or any other place.
For Free Trade/Sharing Only!

Thank you and enjoy!

posted by Stratus7 on DIME on 2010-07-20.