DEEP PURPLE - «Out In The Green 1997» (CD-R Bootleg)
City: Frauenfeld (Switzerland)
Venue: Out In The Green (Open-Air)
Date: July 12th 1997
Taper: E. M. - Edited by ASL (Active Sound Lab)
Source: Audience (Master Tape)
Quality: A+

Complete performance (recorded outdoor) with typical "noise" around, but although it sounds very good. So play it with high volume!

Equipment: SONY Scoopman NT-1 (with ECM-TS120 Mic)

Transfer: CD-R >> EAC v1.1 >> FLAC (q5) >> YOU!

Disc One: (49:16)
101 Hush
102 Fireball
103 Into The Fire
104 Ted The Mechanic
105 Black Night
106 Bloodsucker
107 Cascades (I'm Not Your Lover)
108 Woman From Tokyo
109 No One Came

Disc Two: (44:16)
201 Smoke On The Water
202 Jon Lord Solo
203 When A Blind Man Cries
204 Speed King
205 Perfect Strangers
206 Highway Star

Ian Gillan (v)
Jon Lord (hammond organ/keyb)
Steve Morse (g)
Roger Glover (b)
Ian Paice (d)

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The cover artwork (design exclusively by GYX ART) is included!