Deep Purple
2000-09-09 Via Funchal, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Panasonic RQ-L50 > Master Cassete > WAVE > FLAC8 > Dime

Running time: 2:06:16

01 - Announcement
02 - Concerto 1st Movement
03 - Concerto 2nd Movement
04 - Concerto 3rd Movement
05 - Concerto 3rd Movement Continued
06 - Sitting In A Dream
07 - Love Is All
08 - Fever Dreams
09 - Rainbow In The Dark
10 - Wring That Neck
11 - Fools
12 - Ted The Mechanic
13 - Watching The Sky
14 - Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
15 - Pictures Of Home
16 - Smoke On The Water
17 - Black Night

This is not excellent quality. It was recorded by me in my old Panasonic RQ-L50 cassete recorder with built in mic, the equipment was not good quality. Anyway I did manage to get the whole concert, minus a few cassete flips.

The master cassete is not in good shape anymore, I did try my best to transfer this to FLAC, but I guess this is the only source for this concert so I believe fans will really like this one even if this is not a pristine recording.

I'm not an expert on Deep Purple too so forgive me if I tracked this wrong and if I made mistakes on the setlist please feel free to let me know so I can make it right.

I was there mostly to see Ronnie James Dio and it was great to see Deep Purple playing his solo songs.