Band: Deff Leppard
Venue : BBC Studios
City/State/Country : London , UK
Date : September and October 1979

Source: Studio Board - EX+
Lineage: CDr > EAC ( secure ) > WAV > FLAC frontend ( level 8 )
Taped by: Unknown
Transfered by: Unknown

Bootleg Title: BBC Concert & Session 1979
File Size: 303MB ( FLAC )

Recorded BBC Radio 1 - Paris Theatre 1979-09-xx

1. Hello America
2. Rock Brigade
3. Glad I'm Alive
4. The Day The Walls Came Tumbling Down
5. Overture
6. Get Your Rocks Off
7. Wasted

Recorded BBC Radio 1 Studio Session - 1979-10-26

1. Satellite
2. Rock Brigade
3. Wasted
4. Good Morning Freedom

NOTES : ( not mine )

Another little goodie I pulled out from the tape archives. This is from the
Leppards early days - back when they were just a struggling rock band from
Sheffield, England. Many of the songs played in this set ended up on their first
studio album soon to be released. Song no. 2 and 7 were edited into the setlist
from another tape I had in order to make it more complete. The last four songs are
from their studio session for "The Friday Rock Show". I believe the concert-part also
exists on a bootleg, so if anybody got it, feel free to comment on any differences
between the two. Also; if anyone has some more info about the exact date, please
share it with the rest of us.